Access to the used EV market

21st December 2023

Owning a car impacts life opportunities, as a number of research projects have demonstrated:

• Longitudinal analysis showed that having continued car access makes it 2.2 times more likely that someone unemployed will have moved into employment two years later, compared to not having car access.

• Having continued car access is associated with a 25% increase in personal income over a two-year period, compared to not having car access.

• For people with mobility issues, or who live in rural areas, personal car access is particularly important for maintaining social networks.

• Amongst the older population, aged 50 and over, having personal car access as a driver makes people less likely to report feeling lonely.

Those in more deprived households are already more likely to be affected by air pollution and live in areas close to heavy traffic. We need to ensure they are not doubly disadvantaged by not being able to own a used EV.

Ensuring the used EV market operates well, and that everyone can buy a used EV with confidence will depend on knowing about battery health. Transparency on this will enable used EVs of any age to be tested and given a battery health certificate.

This is why Altelium’s EV battery health checks and reports are not just good business sense, they are also important to the life prospects of individuals and society as a whole. It’s not the whole answer, but it is a big step in the right direction.

To read the full research about car ownership and life opportunities from Nat Cen and UEW please go to: