Building confidence through
battery insight and warranties

Altelium understands batteries
Altelium understands batteries

Altelium understands batteries

  • We turn battery related challenges into business opportunities
  • We provide battery health testing, reports and warranties to support new and used EV sales
  • We protect battery manufacturers from warranty liabilities through providing insured warranties

Altelium facilitates faster EV and energy storage adoption.

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The Altelium Technology

EV Insights, our secure platform, offers access to battery health reports, certificate and warranties. All powered by Altelium’s proprietary algorithms.

Fast EV battery testing

Clear and helpful battery health reports and certificates

Automatic assessment for warranties

AI enhanced battery analytics

Insurance heritage

Lloyd’s Lab

We are proud to be part of Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 9 as a green insurtech. Our ‘A’ rated insurance partners put strength and stability behind battery assets.

Insurance heritage

The path to net zero

We help you extend the life of your battery and protect
both your investment and the planet’s precious resources.

Our solutions help you maximise the life of batteries and raise
finance for first and second life assets on the path to net zero.

  • Buy and sell electric vehicles with confidence
  • Inform your purchase of batteries for second life uses such as battery energy storage systems
  • Mitigate risk and protect battery energy storage assets