Which causes more fires, electric, diesel or petrol powered vehicles?

The answer may surprise you – it is the internal combustion (ICE) engine, both in absolute numbers and the rate per vehicle.

But electric car fires are getting more media attention at the moment. An electric vehicle is believed to have started a fire at a home in Virginia USA that displaced a family and caused an estimated $235,000 in damage, fire officials say. The full article about this fire is available to read on the website: NBCWashington.com

In the States, where the car fire mentioned in this article happened, there were around 189,500 highway internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle fires reported in 2019 (Source: Statistica).  These fires are so common place that they are rarely mentioned in the media.

However fire is of course a risk in an electric battery, as it is with any energy source, and lithium-ion batteries do require special care and management.  If you are working with lithium-ion batteries and would like to discuss fire management strategies or insurance, please get in touch, we have specialist fire safety experts on hand who can advise you.


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