Protect your assets and profits

Protect Your Assets and Profits

Developed by a team of global experts in battery technology and Europe’s most experienced providers of industrial warranties, the Altelium system is designed specifically to support investment in electric batteries.

The range of applications and strength of electric batteries is increasing all the time. Already there is huge variation even in just the electric car market, for example between a battery pack voltage of 201.6 V DC in a Prius and 400 V DC in a Tesla, and vehicles are expected to run on up to 800 V DC batteries in future.

How will these different batteries perform over time? What impact will driving style, weather or charging patterns have on the battery state of health (SOH)? Which batteries or cells will be fit for second life uses, which cell or module need replacing before the battery can be sold on?

Altelium answers all these questions, and is suitable for batteries in any situation such as those used in heavy industrial locations or medical settings, not just electric vehicles.