What We Offer

What We Offer

Why is enhanced battery information essential?

Batteries are the energy solution of the future. They will power our cars, marine vessels, machinery and homes, and replace the combustion engine within a generation.

Whether selling new or used batteries, or managing them on a day to day basis you need to know how your batteries perform under a range of different conditions. Accurate knowledge of battery state of health is an essential business and financial tool: working with Altelium makes it less risky to invest in new battery technology.

The world’s most experienced team of insurance and science experts brings you the information you need to be part of the green energy revolution.

Our intelligent data platform can benefit you in many different ways.

Identify and mitigate insurance risk

How do you know what length warranty or insurance cover to offer if you don’t know key performance standards and state of health of your batteries?

Traditional lead acid batteries come with a raft of data and industrial standards, developed and refined over many years, which inform investment or warranty decisions. Electric vehicle batteries are evolving so fast that until now the depth of information needed to underpin warranty or investment decisions has not been available.

Altelium plugs this information gap. With Altelium’s team of experts and secure data to hand, you will be able to access and understand the information you need for insurance or warranty purposes for electric batteries in cars, HGVs, niche vehicle, industrial applications or stationary energy storage units.

Provide better customer service

A well-researched electric battery warranty supports better customer service when it includes provision for new parts, servicing, replacement parts or payment for down time quickly and efficiently. In order to provide this level of warranty you need to know how the battery will perform under different circumstances.

The Altelium system provides this information. It constantly records real-time battery performance through a secure Cloud-based system and enhances it with AI & machine-learning from matched laboratory batteries.

Armed with this information you will be able to offer the most nuanced warranties or investment terms with peace of mind.

Extend the life of your electric vehicle and stationary storage batteries

Using real life data with AI and machine-learning algorithms, the Altelium software monitors battery and user behaviour. Its predictive analysis allows you to solve problems to extend the life of your electric batteries, whether by adopting different user behaviours, modifying or changing the product or applying it in a new situation or combination with other batteries.

Vehicle fleet managers, energy hub managers or facilities managers with significant responsibility or investment in electric batteries will all benefit from the predictive analytics at the heart of the Altelium system.

Our team of experts will be on hand to help you interpret and apply the data through the Altelium dashboard to extend the life of your electric batteries, in whatever situation you are working.

Protect your assets and profits

Developed by a team of global experts in battery technology and Europe’s most experienced providers of industrial warranties, the Altelium system is designed specifically to support investment in electric batteries.

The range of applications and strength of electric batteries is increasing all the time. Already there is huge variation even in just the electric car market, for example between a battery pack voltage of 201.6 V DC in a Prius and 400 V DC in a Tesla, and vehicles are expected to run on up to 800 V DC batteries in future.

How will these different batteries perform over time? What impact will driving style, weather or charging patterns have on the battery state of health (SOH)? Which batteries or cells will be fit for second life uses, which cell or module need replacing before the battery can be sold on?

Altelium answers all these questions, and is suitable for batteries in any situation such as those used in heavy industrial locations or medical settings, not just electric vehicles.

Develop your products

You may want to develop a suite of financial products and warranties around electric cars or industrial machinery with electric batteries. Whatever your business needs, if you need to know how your electric battery is performing to provide a related service or product, then you need the Altelium system for peace of mind.

Real life, real-time data from cells combined with AI & machine-learning is streamed through a quantum secured Cloud-based system. Reported through one easy to use dashboard you will have the information you need about battery performance against a range of external factors at your fingertips, far surpassing the output from a basic battery management system.

Plus, Altelium’s team of experts will be on hand for advice and support giving you the perfect back-up for product development.

Enhance and accelerate battery technical development

Product development depends on quick and accurate feedback to enable improvements to be made, problems to be solved or best practice to be repeated.

With advanced technology even the smallest incremental changes can bring competitive advantage, and it is this competitive advantage that Altelium supports. It provides a far greater range of information than a normal battery management or telematic systems.

Altelium will enable you to capture data securely about your battery’s performance in real-time, under a wide range of conditions, measured against standards from the National Measurement Institute (NMI) standards, and National Physical Laboratory (NPL).