Understanding battery behaviour with Altelium

5th April 2023

“A lot of people think that batteries are all the same but they’re not. How a battery behaves – and how you should treat it – varies enormously, depending on the battery chemistry. Even two cars that appear almost identical can have very different chemistries which need to be treated and charged in different ways to keep them healthy.”

This month we interviewed Cesc Mora, Altelium’s product manager as part of our series called #CurrentConversation.

Cesc’s role gives an exciting insight into how Altelium works with EV batteries to understand their behaviour and optimise their health and longevity. Cesc explains:

“I work across the business to manage the lifecycle of our products. Every day is different. But my main focus is to understand how we could and should develop the product, and to put in place all the steps necessary to make it happen. These steps include running tests on vehicles and liaising with other teams across the business to see if our findings match expectations. We work closely with the device manufacturer to ensure that we’re getting everything we need.

“I’m proud to play a part – albeit small – of a wider solution that will help transition the world to a greener, more sustainable future. In my case, that means sustainable transport and energy. I feel privileged and grateful to be able to contribute my skills and expertise to this vital cause on a daily basis.”

You can read the full interview with Cesc on Linkedin

Cesc Mora