Battery data builds confidence

7th August 2023

People say the EV market is suffering from a confidence crisis, because dealers and consumers don’t know the health of their battery, or how long it will last.

Altelium has developed a direct solution to this challenge, by providing a way for battery health to be tested and reported. Our battery information gives confidence to buy and sell, and we’re always delighted to see other information which helps boost confidence in buying an EV.

A very useful guide has been published in AutoTrader, written by Andrew Woodhouse, drawing on the wealth of data the publication gathers about EV car sales.

Taking a step-by-step approach, it tackles the most common questions people ask about buying a used EV such as:

·        Used electric brands available today.
·        How much are used electric cars?
·        Are used electric cars reliable?
·        Used electric car batteries.
·        Benefits of buying a used electric car
·        Drawbacks to buying a used electric car.
·        Running a used electric car

The more information we have about electric vehicles, the more confident we feel about making the switch to green transport.