THE FARADAY BATTERY CHALLENGE: ‘Health, safety and the environment: global standards’

Standards relating to the design, health and safety, raw materials, waste, environment and supply chain are crucial to the global electric battery market.  Agreed worldwide standards protect people and investments, and improve trade.

This workshop hosted by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) provided a very detailed overview of the current state of standards in the electric battery market.

It explored battery standards as they apply to electrode, cell, module, and pack manufacturers, and the design and use of batteries in vehicle or stationary environmental uses.

The Altelium software system provides data which is valuable in all these situations, and the results we record are measured against standards from the National Measurement Institute (NMI) standards, and  National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

We are pleased to take an active role in the review and development of global standards in the electric battery market.

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Jessica Friend