Taking Lithium to London and Hydrogen to Heysham

Professor Harry Hoster of Lancaster University, and co-founder and chief technical officer at Altelium, gave a presentation on Thursday 15th October, speaking as part of Lancaster University’s public lecture series. Highlighting the role of battery technology knowledge in creating new products at the London insurance market, his talk also presented the opportunities provided at a local level and the role of hydrogen for large scale energy storage and clean transport.

When the first government funding for low-carbon hydrogen energy production plants in the UK was reported by the BBC, Harry, who also leads the Hydrogen Hub Vision at Lancaster University, said he hoped production costs would eventually fall for hydrogen, as it has such potential to be a low or zero-emission substitute for fossil fuels.

An audience of engineers and journalists joined the talk to hear about new battery and energy sources including lithium-ion, hydrogen and also lithium-oxygen. More information about some of the technology and issues discussed can be read in Driving magazine.

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