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Why EV battery tests will always be beneficial

Why will EV battery tests remain beneficial even as more battery plants are built? In the week that state aid funding for Northvolt to build an EV battery plant in Germany is announced, Alex Johns, Altelium’s Partnership Lead, explains why the need for battery testing will be beneficial, no matter how many battery plants are […]

Access to the used EV market

Owning a car impacts life opportunities, as a number of research projects have demonstrated: • Longitudinal analysis showed that having continued car access makes it 2.2 times more likely that someone unemployed will have moved into employment two years later, compared to not having car access. • Having continued car access is associated with a […]

Ensuring a fair and equitable transition to clean transport

The vast majority of all cars, eighty per cent, are bought and sold on the used car market.  This is why the health of the used car market is critical to ensuring a fair and equitable transition for all, because it is the way most people buy their cars. Without the ability to test the […]