Warranties and battery insights for EVs and stationary storage

Extended warranties

To offer an extended warranty on a product you have to understand how it is made, how it behaves and what the risks are. At Altelium we understand batteries.

We have a choice of warranties available to suit different driving, lifestyle and business requirements, helping to protect you, your investment and the environment.

Eligibility for a warranty is automatically determined, subject to a tested, healthy battery.

EV warranties

Enhanced and extended warranties

  • Flexible suite of products
  • Battery / Powertrain / Bumper-to-Bumper

Choice of extensions

  • For vehicles up to 200,000 miles / 320,000 km
  • For vehicles up to 12 years old

Battery degradation cover

  • Accelerated loss of battery State of Health
  • Excessive non-seasonal range reduction

What are the benefits of EV warranties?

  • EV peace of mind
  • More accurate EV valuations
  • Improved buyer confidence
  • Quicker EV sales
Battery energy storage system warranties

Battery energy storage system warranties

Altelium’s unique combination of battery and insurance experts can help you:

  • Monitor and optimise battery performance
  • Extend the life of your batteries
  • Reduce finance costs by providing ‘A’ rated warranties
Warranty Analytics
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Energy storage system extended warranties

Energy storage system extended warranties

Our Extended Warranty covers performance breakdown and electro-mechanical breakdown.

  • We offer warranties at module and battery pack level at all points in the supply chain, including for transformers, inverters and HVAC for first life and second life batteries
  • Our real-time data driven platform for claims and underwriting provides a much-improved solution for battery manufacturers and their customers
  • Our dashboard provides your own customers with a single view of the performance of their battery, the ability to file claims, buy coverage, and view contracts