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EV Insights: traction battery testing

Whether buying, selling or operating an electric vehicle, having independent verification of its battery health and range builds trust and confidence.

We provide EV battery health tests which take just minutes to complete.

Our battery heath tests are quick and simple to carry out and produce one easy-to-understand, independent report which shows battery health and real-world range in different weather conditions.

How does the test work?

Altelium’s tests are carried out in person, and typically take five minutes to complete, with no need to take your car for a drive.

There are two types of test depending on your vehicle type. Watch the videos below to see how quick and easy they are to carry out.

OBD device

API charge test

The tests are available at retail and dealer outlets, where staff will be able to tell you which test your vehicle needs. Both tests generate a report when completed.

Altelium’s battery health reports provide the peace of mind only an independent, expert test can give about an electric vehicle’s battery health and range.

Extended warranties

To offer an extended warranty on a product you have to understand how it is made, how it behaves and what the risks are.

As battery experts, we have a choice of warranties available to suit different driving, lifestyle and business requirements, helping to protect you, your investment and the environment.

Eligibility for a warranty is automatically determined, subject to a tested, healthy battery.

EV warranties


  • Addresses EV buyer battery anxiety
  • Fixed term, renewable
  • Battery SoH degradation only cover
  • % SoH drop triggers claim
  • Fixed cash settlement
  • Min SoH on inception
  • Additional to OEM warranty

Extended Warranties

  • Inception after OEM warranty expiry
  • Battery and optional drivetrain cover
  • Claims triggered by reaching specified SoH or electromechanical failure
  • Up to 3 years cover – maximum 12 years old or 200,000 miles (320,000 kms)


  • Altelium EV battery test required prior to inception and annually
  • Backed by ‘A’ rated insurance capital
  • Transferrable to new owners
  • Available from leading EV retailers and dealers

What are the benefits of EV warranties?

  • EV peace of mind
  • More accurate EV valuations
  • Improved buyer confidence
  • Quicker EV sales
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