Solar and storage sector “turbo boosted”

19th October 2022

The commercial rooftop PV market is described as “turbo-boosted” by Solar Media, reporting the sector to be experiencing “a deluge of planning applications.”

Demand is coming from “national corporates seeking to meet sustainability targets, SME’s looking to offset growing energy bills, and public sector entities such as local councils and academic institutions.”

Alongside solar on rooftops there is similar demand for battery energy storage – the ideal complement to clean energy and the key to unlocking renewable energy.

It is battery energy storage that will drive the clean energy revolution, standing at the side of solar – or in fact operating entirely independently – and Altelium is proud to offer bespoke battery insurance to help speed up investment in this vital new technology.

As Solar and Storage Live takes place this week at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, we invite anyone interested in battery asset insurance, or strategies to optimise battery health and operational efficiency, to contact Altelium.