Shared standards and protocols are essential to autonomous driving

Tesla started beta testing of its latest full self-driving software yesterday, 20.10.20. This will see driverless vehicles take a huge leap from level 2+ autonomy (“hands off”) to at least level 4 autonomy (“mind off”), which is getting very close to the level 5 (“steering wheel optional”) real autonomy necessary for robotaxis.

Alex Johns, Altelium’s business development manager, is one of several representative from the automotive and insurance industry who sit on a committee reviewing PAS standards for autonomous vehicle testing in the UK.

“The importance of agreed standards, to support shared best practice and learning can’t be underestimated in this market”, Alex says. “We are working on the framework of standards for testing autonomous vehicle in this country and the more experts who contribute to that framework the better” he concludes.

Autonomous vehicles will be increasingly important for UK trade as the shortage of HGV drivers deepens, and by the time it is widely adopted most vehicles on the road will be electric. Altelium, which provides battery data management systems and information to underpin insurance and warranties for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), is keen to see the UK maintain its world class position in automotive insurance and associated services.

Individuals or organisations who want to contribute to the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS frameworks can find further details on the BSI website,

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