Battery testing, reports and
warranties in one easy-
to-use platform

The EV market has a confidence crisis because dealers and consumers don’t know the health of their batteries or how long they will last.

Altelium has developed solutions which answer these questions directly. Our platform, EV Insights, is a portal through which batteries  can be tested and reported. Backed up by our insured warranties, this gives complete confidence when buying and selling EVs.

The platform for battery confidence

Proprietary end-to-end, scalable platform

Proprietary end-to-end, scalable platform

  • Data analytics of battery health tests
  • Battery health reporting
  • Individual asset risk assessment and underwriting
  • Insurance issuance, management, claims and reporting


Altelium’s platform provides:


  • One dashboard to view and manage your data and policies
  • Insurance protection of Dealer or Manufacturer Guarantees and Service Contracts
  • The strength and credibility to grow with the EV transition