Net Zero Week

3rd July 2023

We’re pleased to celebrate Net Zero Week, from 1 – 7 July, the UK’s national awareness week.  Awareness days and weeks provide a useful rallying point and reminder of why the subject is important. Organised by the Government and industry-backed, the week is aimed at helping businesses and consumers become net zero and unlock the benefits.

The difference between ‘net zero’ and carbon neutral’ is explained as part of the week’s awareness raising:

Net zero differs from ‘carbon neutral’ as this can be achieved by simply offsetting the carbon emissions of a business or home; whereas net zero, in spirit, means reducing emissions to their lowest amount through energy efficiency measures and then using offsetting as a last resort to balance remaining hard to remove emissions.

Altelium’s insurance solutions play a part in helping to reach net zero goals because they can:

  • Help secure better rates on finance for battery assets – so more people can invest in clean energy storage
  • Help buy and sell used EVs – so more people can switch to clean transport
  • Resolve the risk of a battery degrading faster than anticipated

For more information about Net Zero Week and to find out about events taking place, please follow this link: Net Zero Week 2023