Insured warranties for battery energy storage

11th September 2023

The ability to store electricity and use it at a later time through battery energy storage is key to achieving high levels of renewable energy on the grid.  Battery energy storage in tandem with solar provides an array of solutions in the fight to address climate change including:

– Energy Independence
– Intermittency of Solar Power
– Peak Shaving
– Grid resilience
– Time-of-Use Savings
– Increased Solar Self-Consumption
– Off-Grid Solutions
– Capacity Factor Improvement
– Regulatory Benefits
– Environmental Benefits

Ross Kiddie, our North American General Manager, and a leading energy expert in the US, explores the role of energy storage in light of natural catastrophe (Nat Cat) risks, challenging industry assumptions in the special RE+Plus show edition of PV Tech Power.

Ross will be at the show taking place in Las Vegas this week, and would be delighted to discuss any questions you may have relating to insurance for batteries wherever they are located. To arrange a meet-up with him please email:

To read the article by Ross please follow this link to the online publication: PV Tech Power