Insurance innovation at the heart of Europe

11th July 2023

Lloyd’s Europe held the inaugural “Insurance Innovation at the heart of Europe” event on 6-7 July 2023 in Brussels, Belgium, to bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from across Europe to drive innovation, insights and ideas on how to address the protection gaps in Europe.

As a member of cohort nine of the Lloyds Lab, the InsurTech accelerator at the heart of Lloyd’s, the world’s largest specialist (re)insurance marketplace, Altelium was delighted to be invited to take part.

The theme of the event was Underinsurance and protection gaps in Europe, with a special focus on digital and climate solutions. Altelium’s bespoke battery insurance solutions, which help drive investment in green energy and transport, is highly appropriate for this subject, and we were proud to compete for the “Lloyd’s Europe Innovation Award”.

The two-day event was jointly hosted by BeCentral (Day 1 – Innovation Competition) and KPMG (Day 2 – Investment Forum) with the Lloyd’s Europe Innovation Award presented byThomas Dermine, Belgium’s Secretary of State for Economic Recovery and Strategic Investments.