Battery health: how to protect the life and residual value of your battery

25th February 2022

Alex Johns from Altelium features on the front page of specialist title, Taxi-Point. He offers sound advice for taxi drivers and anyone who wants to protect their battery health.

Before joining Altelium as business development manager, Alex was one of the first people in the UK to operate a fleet of electric vehicles, managing the Tesla taxi fleet from Gatwick airport. The Teslas he managed for Gatwick had driven 300,000 miles each when the three-year trial was complete and yet the batteries were still at 82% State of Health.

The article offers valuable advice in two areas:

The five key steps to increasing the life and residual value of your battery, if you are a high mileage taxi or private hire driver.

What owner-drivers should look for when considering their next vehicle, assuming their choice will be a pure electric vehicle.

Altelium provides warranties, insurance and consultancy for businesses across the battery supply chain. We provide the insurance and advice you need to protect your investment at any stage in the battery life cycle.

The full article is available to view online: