Green Bonds are good news, Altelium responds

Responding to the chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement to issue the UK’s first green bonds, (03.03.21) Altelium’s Chief Executive Charley Grimston commented:

“This is good news for the planet and the UK economy and a welcome sign of joined up thinking across the government.   While we welcome it in our area of green energy and battery warranties, what it is especially positive is the way the bond will promote solutions in every sphere of life, from agriculture to retail to energy storage.

“Achieving net-zero needs every business to change and the bond should help transformative ideas come from all walks of life. With the first sovereign green saving bonds, this is something that millions of people can get behind.”

Altelium, which provides electric battery warranties based on AI and real time battery data, had been critical of the government’s “feeble” support for battery development in the UK, especially compared to Germany, but recognises that this latest announcement is more in keeping with the UK’s economy and global position:

“This feels like the start of a virtuous circle that will encourage ideas and see the whole country benefit, it’s the right size and scope to make a difference,” Charley concludes.

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