Warranties for electric fleet vehicles

10th December 2021

While commonplace for traditional vehicles, extended warranties such as those offered by Altelium have only come on to the market very recently for electric batteries.  FleetWorld magazine discusses protecting EV battery health,  residual values and warranties as part of an interview exploring “how to avoid an electric shock when you come to sell your electric fleet.”

Selling a vehicle with a warranty in place will help considerably with the resale price as it offers such peace of mind. In addition to the support it provides at the point of resale, an insured warranty is of course a help with day-to-day operational risk. A failed battery is more expensive to deal with than even the most significant mechanical failure in a combustion engine, so a few hundred pounds more on a warranty, spread over three or four years on the cost of the vehicle, could save over ten thousand pounds per vehicle if something goes wrong.

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