EV battery data, warranty health for fleet managers

21st July 2022

A key issue for EV fleet managers is how to protect the residual value of their fleet.  In the case of EV’s this is first and foremost about protecting the health of the vehicle’s battery.  In the July issue of Fleet News, this crucial issue is explored by Andrew Ryan in an article entitled ‘Talking about degradation’.

Andrew interviewed Altelium’s business development manager, Alex Johns, on his return from chairing day one of the Electric Vehicle Battery Summit in Rotterdam. Alex answers the following key questions:

  • What is battery degradation and why does it happen?
  • How quickly do EV batteries degrade?
  • How will battery health affect residual values?
  • How can a fleet manager minimise battery degradation?
  • What sort of warranties are provided for BEV batteries?

To read the full feature and answers from our battery health expert Alex Johns, please read the article in print or go to the following site:

Fleet News July 2022