Ensuring a fair and equitable transition to clean transport

12th December 2023

The vast majority of all cars, eighty per cent, are bought and sold on the used car market.  This is why the health of the used car market is critical to ensuring a fair and equitable transition for all, because it is the way most people buy their cars.

Without the ability to test the battery, it is hard to buy a second-hand electric vehicle with confidence.   There are two questions most people ask about used EVs:

  • “Will the battery last?”
  • “What come back will I have if the battery range collapses a few months after I buy the vehicle?”

Battery health tests and extended warranties answer these questions, and give much needed reassurance to the used EV market. The significance of this in supporting the entire EV market, and making an equitable transition to clean transport possible cannot be overstated.

We are proud to play our part in helping it happen, through products such as EVerity from GardX, which be explored by following this link: GardX product suite specifically for Battery Electric Vehicles