Energy sector green innovation challenges

We stand at the edge of transformation in our energy system.  Just as the communications industry has been transformed within a generation, from the first land lines at a household level to mobile phones and internet for all in a lifetime, we will see the same degree of transformation to our energy industry.

Lithium-ion battery storage though BESS is already working effectively and efficiently, and will transform local community and small-scale commercial energy creation, storage and application.  Hydrogen technology coupled with wind and wave energy has the capacity to deliver change on a national scale, with the potential it offers to store energy for longer periods of time or transport it across greater distances.

The government announcement of investment in three new green innovation challenges will help bring this transformation forward. From Altelium’s success in renewable energy and applied battery data – itself the result of an Innovate UK grant win – we know that practical solutions can be developed quickly with the right support.

Altelium welcomes this investment and the focus it gives on areas where the opportunity for change and benefit for the good of all is greatest.

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