Empowering second life uses of electric batteries 

From an environmental and financial point of view, electric batteries need to be given second life uses. Altelium provides the battery data to make this possible with minimal risk. AZoCleantech asked Altelium’s Alex Johns, where will the Tesla second life batteries go?

Alex has extensive experience of Tesla vehicles from his work at Gatwick Airport from 2017-2020 where his role was to oversee the electric taxi trial. Five Tesla Model S 90D vehicles completed around 300,000 miles each over three years and the findings convinced Alex of the quality of the vehicle’s batteries.

This is why there is such interest in the second life of Tesla batteries, because, as Laura Thomas noted in her interview, there has been a dramatic increase and interest in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Some EV manufacturers have started to work with specific second-life BESS manufacturers that offer long-term battery supply deals and technical support. Others, such as Tesla, have not yet announced anything.

Altelium has been contracted by a second life BESS manufacturer to develop a bespoke warranty and data analytics package for all their BESS installations sold worldwide, and its capabilities in this area are second to none.

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