Elon Musk to open new Tesla plant in Berlin

Harry Hoster from Altelium and Lancaster Energy is invited on German TV channel, DW News, to discuss the decision by Elon Musk to build a new factory in Berlin

The interviewer asks Harry: “Why did Tesla really chose Germany? It’s worth noting that the engineering reputation has taken a hit with the botched airport and diesel-gate scandal. What’s going on there?”

Harry replies: “Firstly its strategically clever to have a foothold in one of the largest automotive markets in Europe and also holds access to some of the strongest mass producers in Europe and will help it increase its share in the European market, as German companies did in the United States.

“Secondly there is a lot of embedded knowledge in the German car manufacturing industry about how to mass manufacture cars, which is exactly what Tesla doesn’t do it present.

“And a third, minor point is that Germany offers barrier free access to the products of the chemical market which are a key ingredient to battery chemistry.

“All the other big places that educate brilliant engineers and scientists also have the big automotive players near them for example Munich, Stuttgart, Ulm and Karlsruhe have Mercedes and BMW taking the skilled workforce, and its similar in the north with VW. In Berlin the workforce has nowhere to go other than start-ups, so it is a perfect place and will help the eco-system.”

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