Electric dreams for a post lockdown future

How the coronavirus may be accelerating the public adoption of ‘greener’ modes of transport is explored in several publications,  including Fleet News and BodyShop magazine.   Altelium CEO, Charley Grimston, explores three reasons why electric car sales will increase as a result of the lockdown.

  1. Drivers will want electric vehicles because diesel and petrol forecourts will be perceived as unclean.
  2. People will want to do things differently and better. Those who can afford to buy cars will want to play a part in making the world a better, greener place.
  3. Those who want to invest in new cars, including fleet owners, will want to buy well.

Latest car sales figures have borne out these predictions, as sales of new electric cars jumped 57.4 % in the first quarter of 2020. Charley describes the vital role of warranties and data in helping to drive these sales and protect manufacturers’ profits.

Developing warranties for EV batteries

Until recently it has been difficult to develop warranties on electric vehicles, specifically the battery, because the technology has been advancing and changing so rapidly.  Traditional lead acid batteries come with a raft of data and industrial standards which have been developed and refined over many years, and inform investment or warranty decisions.

A lack of data around electric batteries held back investment decisions about the single most important component part – the electric battery. There was too much risk involved to offer a good, long warranty if information about the factors affecting the product’s performance and longevity are not known.

Now this issue has been addressed through advanced systems like Altelium. Altelium unlocks market potential because its gathers data in real time from electric batteries and then enhances it with AI learning to describe the current, past and likely future performance of the battery at an individual cell level. The battery can then be given second life uses based on this information.

Informed warranties with the Altelium system

A comprehensive warranty at individual cell level can include service and breakdown cover for the cell in its second life situation as part of a static energy storage system. This extends the revenue stream for the manufacturer or the owner of the storage facility and is one of the reasons why a good warranty can be such a powerful catalyst for change.

It also extends significantly any carbon footprint calculations for the car itself because the battery cells will be in operation for so many years.

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