Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle and Connected Automated Mobility Event

7th September 2022

The Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle and Connected Automated Mobility Event took place from 7 – 8 September at The UTAC Millbrook Testing Ground.

Charley Grimston, Chairman, and Alex Johns, Business Development Manager from Altelium visited the UK Government Pavilion as representatives of one of the key organisations in the energy innovation ecosystem.

The UK recognised that lithium-ion batteries would need specialist insurance, and through Innovate UK supported leading scientists and business experts to develop a solution. Now, that industrial, scientific knowledge is
being made available to investors across the energy market, and across the world, through Altelium’s specialist battery insurance.

Altelium’s customers are provided with an integrated management system through a SaaS platform, which includes automated pricing, issuance and underwriting of insurance products, plus the information needed to maximise the operational health, safety and longevity of stationary storage batteries and EVs.

If you would like further information please email Alex.Johns@altelium.com or call +44 (0) 7999 118 669