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Innovative, inspiring and engaging for EVs

With 2.3 million EVs on the road in the UK alone, the EV market was growing well before the Government announced a delay to 2035 in the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. The UK used car market grew by 4.1% in Q2 2023, with more than 1.8 million units changing […]

Battery data builds confidence

People say the EV market is suffering from a confidence crisis, because dealers and consumers don’t know the health of their battery, or how long it will last. Altelium has developed a direct solution to this challenge, by providing a way for battery health to be tested and reported. Our battery information gives confidence to […]

Net Zero Week

We’re pleased to celebrate Net Zero Week, from 1 – 7 July, the UK’s national awareness week.  Awareness days and weeks provide a useful rallying point and reminder of why the subject is important. Organised by the Government and industry-backed, the week is aimed at helping businesses and consumers become net zero and unlock the […]