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Battery data builds confidence

People say the EV market is suffering from a confidence crisis, because dealers and consumers don’t know the health of their battery, or how long it will last. Altelium has developed a direct solution to this challenge, by providing a way for battery health to be tested and reported. Our battery information gives confidence to […]

Net Zero Week

We’re pleased to celebrate Net Zero Week, from 1 – 7 July, the UK’s national awareness week.  Awareness days and weeks provide a useful rallying point and reminder of why the subject is important. Organised by the Government and industry-backed, the week is aimed at helping businesses and consumers become net zero and unlock the […]

Battery health tests and reports to boost EV adoption

Authentic battery health tests and reports could now be the key to faster EV adoption, rather than a wider charging infrastructure, Alex Johns, Altelium’s business development manager suggests, in response to the latest Shell Recharge survey. The Shell Recharge survey, which has been conducted for the last six years, and was carried out this year […]

Ensuring a smooth service with an outstanding pace of innovation

“Sometimes the pace of innovation at Altelium is outstanding. The services and data-driven battery-related products we provide make a real difference to the BESS battery and EV market – it makes it an exciting place to work”. As part of our series called #CurrentConversation we interviewed Michaela Higgs about her role at Altelium. “My role […]

Battery energy storage market maturity and the empowering role of insurance

The very large number of insurance enquiries Altelium is seeing for battery projects suggest that the battery asset market has entered the ‘early majority’ stage on the classic S curve of new technology adoption. Altelium’s co-founder, Charley Grimston, has deep experience of the renewable energy market, and he sees strong comparisons between the onshore wind […]

Understanding battery behaviour with Altelium

“A lot of people think that batteries are all the same but they’re not. How a battery behaves – and how you should treat it – varies enormously, depending on the battery chemistry. Even two cars that appear almost identical can have very different chemistries which need to be treated and charged in different ways […]

Understanding and appreciating risk in battery storage projects

What are the main concerns insurers have when looking at battery storage projects? Altelium’s energy insurance experts Ross Kiddie and Charley Grimston feature in Energy Storage News, discussing this important topic. “Recent high-profile thermal runaway incidents in the US and Australia have brought to the fore the need for understanding and appreciation of the risks […]

Assurant partners with Altelium to advance battery electric vehicle protection and products

We’re delighted to announce today the partnership between Assurant and Altelium to advance battery electric vehicle protection and products through accelerated EV battery analytics & consumer insights. The partnership bolsters Assurant’s ability to offer products like Assurant EV One Protection℠  by combining real-time battery and actuarial data with enhanced modeling and AI from Altelium. Assurant, […]

Energy systems engineering putting humanity in data

What will increasing numbers of women in data mean for renewable energy solutions?  Amy Anderson, Energy Systems Engineer, Altelium In a data-driven future it is critical that those analysing, interpreting, and acting on the insights it brings reflect the diversity of communities it represents or risk inherent bias in impact.  The energy problem we face […]

Battery leasing – baking in problems or better care of resources?

Altelium’s Business Development Manager, Alex Johns, considers if through battery leasing, we’re baking in problems for the future or taking better care of resources? It would seem incredibly odd to buy a petrol or diesel car, with the engine itself leased to you separately.  The car buyer in this situation might think this means the […]