Products to help power EV dealerships

24th November 2023

Congratulations to GardX on the launch of its suite of products for dealers, specifically for electric vehicles.  In the week that the company celebrated its twentieth anniversary, its programme of new products including GardX EVerity is very much looking to the future.

The launch has been reported across many dealership and automotive channels:

“This is an industry-first innovation and like no other solution in the UK market created in partnership with global battery specialists, Altelium.

Designed to build consumer confidence, open new revenue streams, and ultimately drive successful sales of BEVs, EVerity comprises of an innovative battery health test, online reporting portal, battery health certificate, and supporting suite of warranty products designed specifically for electric vehicles.

GardX EVerity was created to deliver holistic benefits to dealers and end consumer. Its launch is being heralded as a crucial step forward in building trust and transparency around the health status of used electric vehicle batteries.”

This, combined with evidence of rapidly increasing sales of used EVs reported by the SMMT recently, (“Used BEV transactions double in Q2”) is really good news. The brake has definitely come off the used EV market.

To read the full article in AM Online please click here: Automotive Management Online