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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Our Extended Warranty covers capacity loss and performance breakdown.

  • We offer insured warranties and extended warranties at cell, module, and battery pack level at all points in the supply chain, including for the battery management systems (BMS) and inverter as well as for first life and second life batteries
  • Our real-time data driven platform for claims and underwriting provides a much-improved solution for battery manufacturers and their customers
  • Our dashboard provides your own customers with a single view of the performance of their battery, the ability to file claims, buy coverage, and view contracts


We offer insurance and related services that help our clients:

  • Make their assets insurable
  • Mitigate risk
  • Effective premiums

In addition to Extended Warranty, Altelium provides a broad range of insurance products:

Income Guarantees

For some larger projects, finance can be unlocked by insuring a portion of the income projections, thereby generating “virtual equity”.


Contractors All Risk, Terrorism, Marine Transit, Public Liability and Delay in Start-up.


Operational All Risk including Business Interruption and Public Liability.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Real-time monitoring

  • Visibility on battery performance under different conditions
  • Real-time insights into current battery performance and alerts on potential emerging problems

Performance optimisation

  • Optimise battery use with the help of our predictive analytics
  • Advice on battery optimisation provided by our team of experts

Predictive maintenance

  • Vehicle fleet managers, energy hub managers or facilities benefit from the predictive analytics actionable insights at the heart of the Altelium system

Failure early warnings

  • Our system detects signals of a battery going to fail, allowing you to proactively manage your battery fleet


  • Machine learning algorithms monitor asset and usage and help generate operating strategies for extending battery life

Predictive degradation modelling

  • Monitoring the way batteries are charged and discharged we can predict degradation and provide suggestions to maximise battery life and reduce their environmental impact

System initiated warranty claims

  • Our system is able to notify when it is time to submit a warranty claim

Real-time asset valuation

  • Batteries account for a large proportion of an EV’s cost. Being aware of its valuation over time informs your business decisions
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Although rare, lithium-ion batteries can be highly explosive and produce potentially lethal gas discharges.

Thermal runaway is a key concern related to the holistic safety of battery systems. Thermal runaway can be caused by factors including charging at high rates or extreme temperatures, overcharging and poor ventilation.

Our team of engineering and fire safety specialists can provide advice at the planning, commissioning, construction and operational level for enhanced safety and risk management.

For BESS operators, our team of lithium-ion fire specialists can help you to:

  • Design BESS to satisfy insurance requirements
  • Create and maintain strong maintenance plans
  • Operate in the best way to mitigate and reduce risk
  • Control your legal responsibilities relating to fire risk and BESS explosion
  • Create disaster recovery plans
  • Provide a professional, friendly and experienced liaison with your local fire service