Checking battery health in the time it takes to check a set of tyres

4th March 2024

Getting the tyres checked on our vehicles is quick, easy and important. Most of us are aware of this. But what is less well known is that the health of an electric vehicle’s battery can be tested in the time it takes to check a set of tyres.

“Tyres generally lose up to two pounds of air per month,” KwikFit explains. Being underinflated can impact the tyres’ performance and can lead to excessive wear on the inside and outside edges of the tread, and can also affect steering and cause increased rolling resistance.

And the Halfords website clarifies: “It’s good practice to check tyre pressure every few weeks.” The importance of checking tyre pressure before and after a long drive, as well as after any sudden temperature changes is also highlighted. In particular, cold weather can cause tyre pressure to drop.

Battery health testing can be carried out in the time it takes to conduct a check on a set of tyres.

A battery health test will tell you the range of your vehicle in warm and cold weather conditions, and how it compares to other vehicles of the same make and model.

As a component of the car which has greater value than the tyres, a report on its health means more than peace of mind, it can make a big difference to its cash value too.

For any garage or retailer looking to offer this service to their customers, now is the time to learn about the Altelium battery health test.

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