Battery health tests and reports to boost EV adoption

27th June 2023

Authentic battery health tests and reports could now be the key to faster EV adoption, rather than a wider charging infrastructure, Alex Johns, Altelium’s business development manager suggests, in response to the latest Shell Recharge survey.

The Shell Recharge survey, which has been conducted for the last six years, and was carried out this year between January and February 2023, is based on interviews with 24,771 BEV or PHEV drivers in the UK (4,698 respondents), Germany (8,368), France (2,303), Italy (1,364), the Netherlands (6,715), and Belgium (1,305).

Confidence in the EV market is growing, the report authors note. The more people drive EVs, the more confidence they have in them, particularly with regards to range anxiety. But, Alex asks, how do we spread this confidence around?

This is a survey of highly engaged energy consumers. They are five times more likely than the average householder to have solar panels. Almost ninety per cent are Shell EV Recharge holders. These are early adopters, and that is great, but we need to reach far beyond them.

There are just two key questions people ask about a used EV – how far will it go and will the battery last? When these questions are answered with confidence, then ‘average’ car buyers can purchase with confidence.

Of course we must have a better charging infrastructure, and a more coordinated one especially; the average survey respondent had four charging apps, but people won’t attempt to upload any apps at all if they won’t buy an EV in the first place, Alex concludes.

This is why battery health tests and reports could now be more important for faster EV adoption than a wider charging infrastructure, because they help give confidence to all those in the EV market, including second hand buyers.

To read the full Shell Recharge Survey please follow this link: