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Pinpoint risk: floods, EV batteries, and the future of parametric insurance

“In a perfect world, insurers would be able to measure every risk on their books all the time, giving crystal-clear oversight on their exposures and allowing legitimate claims to be paid out to clients in the most appropriate manner possible.” Charley Grimston, Altelium’s executive chairman, joins a panel with Gethin Jones from Skyline Partners and […]

Altelium Insurers Day September 2021

A distinguished panel of speakers provided insurers and representatives from the UK government with an exclusive insight into Altelium’s lithium ion battery risk management capabilities and the world-class battery testing facilities at Lancaster University. The ability to test lithium-ion batteries and provide an independent third-party assessment of their behaviour, performance and prospects is the key […]

The role of warranties in winning the electric vehicle ‘arms race.’

A recent article in the FT talks of an arms race in the electric vehicle market: Wall Street urges GM and Ford to keep spending in Tesla ‘arms race’ Is the automotive industry, and its insurers, prepared for the additional and not well understood risks associated with all those lithium-ion batteries? Manufacturers are required to shoulder […]

The most valuable EV battery data in the long term

Featured in Autotechnician magazine, Alex Johns, Sales Development Manager at Altelium, explores information about EV batteries, and asks, what is the most important information about a battery in the long term? Drivers tend to focus on battery range or charge but this is not the most valuable information in the long run, Alex explains. Battery state of […]

Fleet News features Altelium and battery health

Dr. Alana Zülke, lead research author and member of the battery research team at Altelium features in Fleet News. She asks a question of vital importance to fleet managers: “What happens if you are a very conservative driver, who prefers to daily top up your car battery, so it stands at an 80% overnight, always ensuring that you […]

Calendar ageing dominates electric vehicle battery degradation when stationary

Dr Alana Zülke from Altelium’s battery research team at Lancaster University is lead author of a new, widely published research paper. It features on the front page of the academic journal Batteries and Supercaps and Dr Zülke highlights a key finding: “Calendar ageing dominates electric vehicle battery degradation when parked. In the UK, a car will spend on […]