Enhance and Accelerate Battery Technical Development


Altelium is the information partner required by any business which has electronic power and battery storage at its heart.

Battery Management System Manufacturers

An Altelium data logger is the perfect complement to your BMS. Together they will provide a far greater range of information relating to conditions of use, state of health, advanced warnings and replacement needs than your BMS alone. Enhanced information coming from both real-time and AI learned data will give a competitive edge for product development and customer service.

Electric Vehicles

Quality information about battery performance, reported in real-time is an essential business tool for the automotive industry. Altelium’s data system, provided though ultra-secure encrypted quantum communication will give you secure information at your fingertips, supporting super-fast product development.

Manufacturers using Altelium’s expertise will be able to develop products faster and solve problems more effectively than competitors.

And will be able to offer financial services including warranties and customer care packages based on a reassuringly strong bank of information.

Niche Vehicles

Vehicles created for bespoke applications or challenging situations have to perform to exceptionally exacting standards. Altelium’s data system, working through a data logger linked to your electric battery will ensure you are informed and able to adjust, react and develop your vehicles with the speed you need. Its combination of real-time data combined with AI learning will give you a competitive advantage in this most demanding of settings.

We will be able to connect your vehicles battery to our Cloud-based reporting system to deliver a flow of information about its performance. Warranties and financial services offered as part of your vehicle service are less risky and more rewarding underpinned by Altelium’s secure data system.

Stationary Energy Storage

Batteries which have come to the end of their useful life in vehicles may have many years’ service left as part of a stationary energy storage system. Access to Altelium’s data and expertise will enable you to see exactly what capacity remains in your batteries and how you can combine it with others to create a new, long lasting, stationary storage solution.

Our data and expertise allows you to extend the life of your battery assets and maximise return on investment.

Cell Manufacturers

You may be making battery cells for use in industrial settings as part of diagnostic equipment or machinery; in cars, lorries or motorbikes; disability products such as scooters, or in medical applications such as infusion pumps or power tools. In every one of these situations, one rogue cells could cause failure.

With an Altelium data logger reporting from your cells as they perform in a battery, you will gather essential data from your battery cells to improve performance and product development. Real-time data in conjunction with AI learning and machine-learning will allow you to predict cell failure according to a wide range of working conditions – perfect for product development, customer service and manufacturers’ warranties.

Fleet Leasing Companies

Leasing a fleet of vehicles is always a demanding job but where a fleet of electric vehicles is concerned, for example with a fleet of public transport buses, there can be an extra layer of challenge arising from the batteries. It is essential that you know the charge and state of health of your batteries.

The Altelium data system offers an exceptional level of visibility about how the vehicles in your fleet are performing based on battery performance, external data and user behaviour. Fitted with a data logger transmitting data continuously through a quantum encrypted interface, the system will ensure you have the information you need to operate your fleet as time and cost effectively as possible.


The amount of energy created by natural wild resources will always be variable. Battery storage will allow these natural peaks and troughs to be managed.

Outages during extreme weather conditions highlight the urgent need for large-scale battery storage solutions. Partnering with Altelium gives you an extra layer of future-proofing and confidence, with an exceptionally secure communication and data capture system anchored to your battery storage system.

Large scale battery storage systems will be nationally sensitive facilities. Altelium with its quantum-protected Cloud-based information feed offers the depth of information and security protection you will need.

Trading Hub Energy Storage

Battery storage is at the very heart of energy trading. Allied to this is data capture and the secure transmission of information. The Altelium system, with its embedded data logger, combines real-time reporting of information, with laboratory battery twins and AI learning.

You will have at your fingertips all the data, knowledge and information necessary to underpin successful energy trading.

Battery performance will be mission critical in energy trading, and with the Altelium system you will employing one of the most advanced predictive analysis systems in the world.

It provides a far greater range of information than normal battery management or telematic systems

Domestic Storage

Energy storage systems need to evolve rapidly to keep pace with the development of domestic energy systems.

Domestic battery storage will solve the challenge of spills into the grid from panels during sunny weather when demand for electricity is low.

Consumers will demand the highest level of both information and security from their domestic battery systems.

The Altelium system can benefit anyone installing or managing domestic battery storage systems, whether a housing association, local council or customer at an individual household level.

Altelium’s system allows you to establish cost effective maintenance plans for your domestic battery system, based on accurate real-time information based on multiple factors including the weather.

For those leasing or selling domestic battery storage systems, using the Altelium data logger will enable you to offer reliably priced warranties and service terms.