Altelium welcomes Minister Kwarteng’s announcement about battery storage planning laws

Altelium CEO Charley Grimston gave an enthusiastic response to the announcement from Kwasi Kwarteng, Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, that planning laws would be relaxed to allow large energy storage units to be built more quickly.

Charley said: “These are exactly the sort of infrastructure and investment projects the UK needs. The ability to build more large-scale batteries will supercharge our renewable energy market, allowing us all to enjoy cleaner air as more of our energy comes from green sources. It also opens a door for investors looking for new opportunities in our post covid world, and is of course a very welcome boost for British battery manufacturers.”

In addition to providing the opportunity for immediate investment in new storage facilities, Charley believes the announcement from minister Kwarteng will also give a boost to the electric car market:

“Many years down the line from now, people will be able to sell the electric batteries in their cars. The individual, best functioning cells in their car battery can go on to become part of a new large super battery. This second life use is of course very important from an environmental point of view but also from a financial point of view, boosting the cash value of used electric vehicles.”

Charley concludes: “British battery manufacturers will also be delighted at this announcement as it provides the opportunity for their market to grow quickly.  I see this as a rare example of red tape being cut which will bring both immediate and long-term benefits to the country. It’s just what we need at this time.”

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